As of May 2018 OCCS schools service over 27,000 Ohio students. In our brick and mortar schools our students demographic include 92% Economically Disadvantaged. 


OCCS has identified measurements to evaluate the fiscal stability of the sponsored schools: Fiscal Viability Indicators are set in contract goals and include, Enrollment Trends, Assets to Liabilities, Total Margin and Days Cash on Hand; as well as Five Year Forecast Projections and Financial Audit Results.


Click HERE for fiscal measurements summary.

We are a state-wide sponsor and strive to help students all over the state. Our portfolio of students includes 13% from the Northeast, 16% from Central Ohio, 7% in the Northwest, and 57% across the state engaged in online learning. 


Fiscal Presentations offered at previous OCCS Board Trainings.

Fiscal support is offered to all OCCS schools by monitoring monthly financials and enrollment records and reviewing annual financial audits and forecasts. OCCS will advise of financial best practices and provide training in the area of school funding. OCCS will also attend board meetings as necessary to aid in understanding of the school’s fiscal situation.

Our schools serve over 450 Drop-Out Recovery students helping at-risk young adults graduate and find jobs and careers to fulfill their lives and become productive members of society.  


Each community school student in Ohio receives a base Opportunity Grant of $6,010. There are additional funding levels for other demographic factors of a child such as special education needs. Click HERE for a Funding Cheat Sheet.

*The current funding formula is based on the implemented provisions of Am. Sub. H.B. 49 (the FY2018-2019 budget bill).

See how funding in OCCS Community Schools compare to those of Traditional Districts in their area.

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